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 chanel handbags,cheap chanel bags

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Geisha children have a good time
Once upon a time there is a rich man likes buy chanel handbags to girls, one after another to make rich relaxed and happy and beautiful music. Geisha children will take the chance then discuss the rich rewards to be rich to give him a cow. Rich do not want. But
Not directly expressed, but with a smile on the South Side children, said: "If you can play according to today's track continues to go on around the clock, when a full year, I'll send you cow." Kabuki did not expect that child does not care , actually asked the rich man: "If you really buy chanel boots for me, and you really have to listen to it?" rich man thought Kabuki children did not dare to accept this harsh and provocative, he replied: "Of course, as long as you can uninterrupted play music, I have been listening. "" That's right. "Kabuki children are very pleased to accept the rich conditions. The rich man also secretly proud of, they lie down comfortably, tertiary and other children began to play a Geisha.
Geisha children saw the instrument adjusted their tones, but it is set the pull oneself together, head toss, playing up, and indeed quite unusual. The Geisha children merry heart, for three days and three nights have not been idle time.
However, the wealthy but had had enough. Now he heard the familiar music for this song after another, no longer feel the beautiful sounds of the charm that the previous, and all became intolerable to his annoyance the noise. Finally, the rich man to concede defeat, and gave the cheap chanel bags for ever one.
This article was written by joy1709 on 2010-3-20 from us-trade company.
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chanel handbags,cheap chanel bags
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