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 Cherish every inch of Our Time,coach bags

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Cherish every inch of Our Time,coach bags Empty
PostSubject: Cherish every inch of Our Time,coach bags   Cherish every inch of Our Time,coach bags EmptySat Mar 20, 2010 10:02 am

Cherish every inch of Our Time

A manager, all the property he invested in a small coach outlet sector and because the outbreak of World War II, he could not obtain his raw materials needed for factories, so they become bankrupt. The loss of money, so he was greatly depressed. He left his wife and children in the HU to become a tramp. He can not forget those losses, but more and more sad. Until recently, even wanted to commit suicide jumping lake.
A chance, he saw a book called "self-confidence" book. This book brought him courage and hope, he decided to find the author of this book, please re-author to help chanel handbags stand up.

When he found the author finished his story, who by telling them that: "I have listened with great interest your story, I hope I can help you, but in fact, I no ability to help you. "
His face immediately became pale. He bowed his head, murmured: "It erupted in finished."
By stopping a few seconds, then said: "Although I can not help you, but I can introduce you to see a person, he can help you make a comeback." Just those words, homeless immediately jumped up, to seize the author's hand, said: "Look at the Heaven's sake, please take me to see this person."

Then took him to one side by the tall mirror in front of the child with a finger, said: "I introduced this person. In this world, only this one can make you make a comeback. Except to sit down and a thorough understanding of this man, otherwise you only be able to jump Michigan lake. because you have this person before making a full understanding, for yourself or the world, you have no value would be a waste. "
He walked a few steps forward toward the mirror, hand touch his bearded face, the people in the front of the mirror from head to toe looked at a few minutes, and then a few steps back, bowed his head and began weeping.
A few days later, the author met this man in the street, almost unrecognizable out. Brisk pace of his powerful head up high. He was dressed from head to toe on a new look chanel bags to be very successful. "That day I left your office, Shi Hai is just a tramp. I look in the mirror to find my self-confidence. Now I have found the work of a salary 3000 U.S. dollars. My boss as part of the first advance of money to his family. I will now Also the road to success. "He is also the author wittily said:" I was about to go to tell you that one day, I would like to revisit you once. I will take a check, sign stating that you wish, the recipient is you.This article was writen by Lisactrytoo on 2010- 3-20 from us-trade company.
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Cherish every inch of Our Time,coach bags
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