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 chanel bags,chanel handbags.

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"I'm too busy, and moved here for is to have a chanel handbags, has been no time to properly clean up so that you laughed." He saw me browsing the house, he smiled and explained. But I learned from the mess in the room is still able to see Jian-hao is a wide range of people-loving, reading - room, there are four tall bookshelves filled with all kinds of books; music - all kinds of open cd music everywhere yes; the film - a few thick pile in the corner d edition DVD filled with several transparent glove box. "I've always liked movies, then no time to go to the movies, they have to buy a dvd disc in the work space lug look at, but sometimes a long time before they are read one, dish Daoshi piled up."
Getting up every day at noon, after checking fax and e-mail, if a customer sent orders, Jian-hao day's work soon began. He simply run out of lunch, and then the idea of the customer for the design requirements. The idea of the process sometimes quickly, but in most cases are very long. Therefore, he often buy the cheap chanel bags for girls. I find it difficult to imagine that when a person's late-night work has often been occupied, his life would be squeezed in the little space. "I do not know. But then I am very happy, thinking is also very active. For me, it was a pleasure, not a burden." In fact, work is work, it is not life all along, I Such thought. Maybe I am too simple, or because I have too much of life is full of yearning, I do not know. Jian Hao also unclear, his current status is very low, long-term Lian Zhouzhuan working condition so that it spent physically and mentally, but he does not fit the existing achievements, fearing the loss of a moment of relaxation will hand customers. So day after day, unable to extricate themselves to fall into the quagmire of the work.
"I would like to give himself a six-month holiday to see if they have never been carefully chosen to break the seal of the DVD, but also a trip to Tibet, I want to go there for a long time." He got up and left the computer desk, the next move Congshujiashang a lot of books on Tibet to show me, "This is the Potala Palace, in the Mabu on mountain top; that is the Jokhang Temple, is the most brilliant of the Tubo period of the existing buildings; this is Nyainqentanglha and Namco Lake, is a Tibet's most eye-catching Kailash Mansarovar ... ... "He pointed to a picture book, and a look for himself. "It was a sacred place, I think there can be washed all the dirt on my mind, come back would be a pure soul Xujian Hao." Emerges out of his face bright and brilliant smile, but the moments that passed away, "Oh -- - "He sighed," Actually I do not know is not the case, always wanted to think, ah ah want a lifetime, and chanel bags was she love. "
This article was written by joy1709 on 2010-3-19 from us-trade company.
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chanel bags,chanel handbags.
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