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 coach handbags,coach outlet,coach bags

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PostSubject: coach handbags,coach outlet,coach bags   coach handbags,coach outlet,coach bags EmptyFri Mar 19, 2010 12:21 pm

Freshman Spring Festival, they want to buy coach bags, I am of course against the book to stay away from home, I am actually shopping day and night, living five-star hotels, had nothing but money, I can put the entire city hotel package down, I had a thrift a good girl, her mother taught, she left, I abandoned this virtue, that slut for money in order to marry into wealthy destroyed my family, I would not get her to a child! After a week into the cafe the night, the father of course, find me, and I drove qq, father was a member, he's there to remind cell phone, he's left on the help of the police to find me, and hugged me and cried, I was just sb want to use two words to describe him, and tears ah, how cheap, I am 18 years old the summer of tears will be a lifetime to do, this life will never cry. My face expressionless, frightened father, he said, married slut things to slow a slow, let the kids get accepted, of course I would accept, but the right thing in a machine, the initiative must be by me master, I did freshman year, all is not mature, they can not get married now.
They made a second marriage, I have decent, ultra-to commit suicide, in fact, the timing of his father's nobody better than I do, I was in his company, due to hard work and the identity of men has long been in charge of all department managers, the father's schedule, I am clearly than anyone else, in order to prevent the case, my father's car away from home there are 5-minute call, he said they get married if I would die, in fact I have a military binoculars, telescopes, and his cars I've seen, and his father's car into the yard before I come up with razor blade, put the suicide note written books, eye drops to the eye point, to himself at home, walking neurotic, father mad Pujin door, and then all of the city as a third-rate romance drama, crying want to buy coach outlet, pleading, that I unhurt destruction of their wedding plans. My sophomore year.
Of course, the two-year period is not short, slut also can not wait, and she urgently wanted to marry, to a particular sub, and her father promised to give her back and buy Coach Patchwork Purses to her, but the father can not take care of me, in fact, I did not marry them in private approach, but I know more than Na Jianren father, he loved her that they would give her a Fengfengguangguang wedding of her Yougejiaodai, he is willing to divorce just to this, he would not wronged her, therefore, must be legitimate The scenery, my father loves me, he would have my blessing, or at least understanding, he would not be under such circumstances in my marriage with her, this is my opportunity, I want to drag the time is ripe, to everything in my master, and I long ago from the father's health-care tea Jiugei Riga has something, my father attached great importance to maintenance of health care have been drinking tea, then tea used to be her mother, and now I buy slut does not know his father drank health tea, thinking that only general tea, but she bought the tea, the father are mixed on the health of Chahe. I have students in the U.S. and bought a male contraceptives, oral formulations, fruit flavor, and can kill the male sperm, leading to infertility, I see it added to his father's health-care tea, it has always been fruity . I understand his father, he loved children, now it was me, but also the children born to slut in the future, if she has children, his father would marry her, they previously have had children, but not yet divorced his father, slut also go to school, so destroyed. Slut thought she only needed to have a child can be married, but have to wait until I think they ought to get married, they can knot.
Sophomore year that committed suicide, my father said very clear that I graduated that they can get married, I can not let students to see a joke, I graduated from China to France to find my mother, they go nuts on how kind, the father, of course agreed to, anyway, with them was missing was that wedding, slut can say coach handbags i love you, she did not promise me that Dad would think she is a heart like a snake like a bad woman beaten to death the child's stepmother.
This article was written by joy1709 on 2010-3-19 from us-trade company.
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coach handbags,coach outlet,coach bags
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