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 coach outlet,coach bags,coach handbags

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PostSubject: coach outlet,coach bags,coach handbags   coach outlet,coach bags,coach handbags EmptyWed Mar 03, 2010 4:38 am

Coach outlet tal card, a ship is pushed to the shore. People rushed into the streets and embrace crying. Man to hospital. Panicked residents ran into the street. Others see have collapsed. Santiago some buildings collapsed, dozens of car crushed under the bridge at fault. Telephone lines paralysis, especially near the epicenter. Mobile phone, some fixed interrupted completely lost contact also. Has triggered a tsunami waves of 1.5 meters high. Chile and American authorities warned that triggered the tsunami or devastating. Even the hospital to evacuate people. At present, the capital has appeared arson and looting, army now on the street, and arrests. A strong earthquake in Chile to prison wall collapsed prisoners. The capital airport has declared closed. In order to prevent the coach handbags of San Diego, gas company cut off gas supply pipe parts, the water supply is affected. San Diego most supermarkets and stores are closed before termination, while petrol wonderment. Chilean national emergency office said, San Diego 600 million, has 100 million people, while the effect of power supply of food, drinking water can be guaranteed. A seat in the eastern city of the old church in chunks, top bricks, blocking the traffic on the carriageways. A garage building collapse, two layers of approximately 50 cars in ruins, car alarm rang nonstop. The earthquake in Chile, wooden division areas, local residents to evacuate houses collapsed to the local hospital. Earthquake induced 14 buildings collapsed, more than 150 people trapped. Building fires caused by an earthquake. Building distortion, seriously damaged. New York, residential area, the collapse of the event, dealing 50 people injured and has confirmed that two deaths. Earthquake caused an electric loading explosion. Chile President to earthquake sympathy. The military has deployed military aircraft, aerial images screen concepcion watching from the victim is quite serious, urban basic destroyed. CNN, becoming the first picture it into the epicenter and media, a large coach bags ashore, even a fishing boat cross section in the streets, streets, but still badly damaged buildings can be seen to traffic, rescue work was developed.
In 1960, May 21 - June 22, Chile in the twentieth century the biggest shock of magnitude earthquake, this type of large earthquakes by seven times seven earthquakes with magnitude more than 8, which, the largest earthquake magnitude 9.5 second grade, 6,000 people dead, loss of $6.8 billion. One earthquake in reiny large-scale landslide triggered a lake, the lake basin to landslide fill up, the city was flooded the Moravian, 100 million people homeless. The epicenter in KangSaiPuXiWeng, the earthquake has two very prominent features: one is to have three more than 8 earthquake waves rippled, 2 it is very far. On May 21, from June 22, had 10 times above level 7 quake, including three times more than 8 class. May 22, the magnitude of the earthquake, 8.9 level. The earthquake destroyed most of the region from San Diego to Montreal port, etc. The tsunami generated when the earthquake, the
Coach Patchwork Purses coast across the Pacific tsunami waves of 4 meters, causing tremendous disasters. In addition, when the earthquake epicenter found on the soil of natural and artificial Ⅱ V, filling of strong overburden of its intensity Ⅰ X. Through this earthquake is obtained when the earthquake rupture propagation speed can reach several kilometers per second. Because of this, it is very strong earthquake arouses obvious earth free oscillation.This article was written by lianzongjian on 2010-3-3 from us-trade company.
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coach outlet,coach bags,coach handbags
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